Security and Data Protection

All contracted linguists, and freelance linguists sign confidentiality agreements in order to make sure all information is secure. Our website and data transfer are secured by using SSL encryption.

A multi-step Translation Process

In NewConcept, our priority is to deliver translations of high quality whereas the characteristics of a translation fulfill the managerial and technical requirements. Our team follows a multi-step translation and editing process to ensure professionalism, consistency and accuracy of translated texts based on client’s expectations.

Project Assignment

To achieve this goal, the project manager assigns the project to the appropriate translator to work on it. We work with native linguists having linguistic and cultural competences. They are selected based on strict criteria and they should have a degree in translation from a recognized institute and a minimum of three years of documented experience in translation or they should have five years of professional experience in translation at least.


To ensure a high degree of quality, the translation is examined by a competent reviser who compares the source text and target text in order to make sure that the translation is suitable and free of errors and to what extent it is in conformity with format and client’s terminology.


The quality manager checks the projects before delivery to make sure the expectations of client are met. After delivery, the changes are allowed based on the client’s request and his feedback are given priority.